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Selling products online is its own unique world. Many sellers will claim they know how to market and sell your products successfully in the internet marketplace, but they don’t have the experience, skill, or dedication to get you the results you deserve. For instance, it’s common for products marketed by run-of-the-mill Amazon sellers to get shut down due to mislabeling, false claims, and undercutting prices. You can’t afford for that to happen to your brand — everything can be over before you even get a chance to start. Swift Market is here to make sure you’re successful from the get-go.

What Does a Failed Listing Look Like?

If you want a product to sell, customers need to see it from multiple angles and in realistic settings. They need to be able to read details and get a full rundown on the product. These are just the basics. There are several common issues that can put a product listing at a disadvantage, including the following:

  • Lack of description
  • Few keywords or the wrong keywords in the title
  • One or two product images when Amazon allows up to nine
  • Lack of lifestyle images to help customers understand how the product integrates into daily life
  • Failure to use Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  • Failure to run sponsored ads for effective keywords

What Does a Successful Listing Look Like?

A successful listing will reverse the issues above. You’ll not only feel intrigued by the listing, you’ll also be able to quickly garner all the information you need to make a decision. The following elements all make for a competitive listing:

  • A rich, engaging description
  • Plenty of natural keywords and the correct use of keywords in the title
  • Nine professional images, including lifestyle images
  • The utilization of Amazon’s programs
  • Support from sponsored ads

Here’s the key: even if you check all the boxes above, it won’t necessarily be enough. Amazon is constantly tweaking and improving its systems, and unless you have the time to keep your finger on the pulse of best practices, your listing will underperform. Swift Market sells products online full-time, so let us do the research and heavy lifting while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

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