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You work hard to build a brand that people trust. You pour yourself into creating a product that people want to buy. However, hundreds of other people are doing the same thing. How do you get yourself front and center in today’s work of online shopping? Swift Market is here to do the heavy lifting and get you the visibility, income, and overall success you deserve.

What We Do

When you partner with us, we purchase your products wholesale so you get pure profit without having to worry about returns and refunds. After that, we use industry best practices to sell those products while achieving the following goals for your business:

  • Increased brand recognition and reputation
  • Increased market share or sales volume
  • More customers frequenting your product listings
  • A positive, professional, and mutually beneficial relationship with us

How We Do It

We’ll admit it: when it comes to selling products, we’re kind of intense. We love researching industry best practices, tracking improvements, and catching changes so we can boost products to the top. We’re all in those details! Here is a sample of the proven techniques we use to take your business to the next level.

  • Help you register your brand with Amazon
  • Improve product photos and add lifestyle photos
  • Manage the prices on your listings to keep you competitive
  • Curate reviews and cultivate a great reputation for your brand
  • Add bullet points to your products in accordance with best practices
  • Improve existing product descriptions or create new ones
  • Add keyword metatags to product photos to boost organic rankings
  • Place keywords in the title, description, and bullet points in accordance with SEO best practices

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Who We Are

We’re an elite marketing team specializing in handling online sales. Let us help you build your brand.

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As online retailers, we do the heavy lifting when it comes to online sales venues like Amazon. Learn more.

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By staying on the cutting edge of best practices, we keep your products front and center. Learn more today.